Zenith Xperience

The Zenith Xperience is a new Outdoor Adventure group which will provide soul searching experiences for those who love meeting God in His wonderful creation of nature as well as building strong relationships with other God seekers!


2017 Schedule

Zenith Xperience will meet the 2nd Sunday and the 4th Saturday of every month

Robert & Elizabeth Waldrop

Robert and Elizabeth are team leaders of the Zenith Xperience Bridge Group.  They are members of Andrews First PH Church and exciting to be around.  They love God and want others to find out who God is personally.  Their passion of the outdoors is why they lead the Zenith Xperience.  Joey and Deanne Wilson along with Daniel and Claire Grant will assist in the outdoor opportunity of finding God in nature.  This Bridge Group is for the whole family.   Please contact the church at 843-264-8100 if you have questions or a desire to join this unique group!